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Market Hall to Hire

Are you looking for somewhere to hold yoga sessions, music lessons, diet clubs, tea & coffee, dance lessons, the list goes on!

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Well, don’t forget you can book the Market Hall right in Holsworthy Square!

This is a hall with a kitchenette to the left, drinking water & of course an urn to make that well earned brew! Not forgetting a microwave as well.


We also have tables and chairs, so if you are looking for somewhere to hold a meeting then this could be your place!

So, the ideas for the hire of this hall are endless, you can hire if from a couple of hours, a morning, afternoon or even a whole day, you can also book in blocks.


There is steps to the main hall, however there is disabled access, from ground level to the main hall as well as disabled toilet facilities.


Please contact Holsworthy Town Council for further information, rates and to come and have a look around and see if it what you are looking for!


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