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4th February 2015

Minutes of a Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 4th February 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Holsworthy

Chairman: Cllr. J. Allen
Councillors: Cllrs. M. Prentice, B. Harris, M. Stanton, L. Piper, K. Watson, H. Parker, J. Hutchings, S. Willetts and P. Smith

In attendance: Town Clerk (TC)
Assistant Town Clerk (ATC)
PCSO Emma Tomkies


Cllr. Johns, District Cllr. Ratledge and County Cllr. Parsons had sent apologies


Cllr. Allen asked Councillors to declare any relevant interests as they arose.

Cllr. Allen suspended Standing Orders.


There were no members of the public present.


The following written report had be circulated to Cllrs.

‘Crime figures January 2015 – 15 crimes compared to 14 in 2014

January Crimes

2 x burglary dwellings, 3 x common assaults, 3 x criminal damage, 2 x assault- actual bodily harm, 2 x thefts from shop, and 1 x assault a constable in the execution of their duty, 1 x affray and 1 x harassment without violence.

1 Adult male arrested and charged with 3 offences, theft, criminal damage and assault of a constable.
1 Adult male arrested and no further action in respect of an assault and affray.
1 adult male arrested and cautioned ref an assault

In addition several crimes are still under investigation.

Update reference Operation Jessica – Which relates to Postal and phone Scams.

A number of potentially targeted individuals have been visited within our Police area and relevant safeguarding has taken place.’

PCSO Tomkies verbally informed the Meeting that two new Officers had commenced duty at the Holsworthy Station; PC Linda Bealey and PC Dominic Plum. She confirmed that the assault on a Constable was one of spitting and that the drivers of 2 vehicles, reported for anti-social behaviour, had received a warning.

Cllr. Allen thanked the Officer for attending the Meeting and PCSO Tomkies left the Meeting at 7.03 p.m.


Cllr. Ratledge had sent apologies and had indicated he had nothing to report.
Holsworthy Town Council has had no communication with Cllr. Footitt.


Cllr. Parsons had sent apologies and provided the following written report, which was circulated to Cllrs.


There’s lots of talk about Broadband at the moment and whilst we hear some negative comments from a few we don’t tend to hear from all the happy people who are connecting up to Superfast Broadband!
We can’t all be first (although Holsworthy pretty much was!) – and the challenge is how this is communicated and to then go about sorting the areas that are ‘out of programme’. Please bear in mind that we do not have enough money to roll out to every house and the Government sets a cap of the maximum amount we are allowed to spend per property. We still have two years to run of the first contract and have, or are about, to pass 100,000 connections. This is a good news story and will increase as more and more communities are connected.
Devon and Somerset is in the process of awarding the second phase of the contract after the Government awarded us an additional £22.5M – which with match funding (including £6M from the Local Enterprise Partnership and £2M from DCC) will give us another £45M odd to spend – more if partners stump up more! The aim is still 90%+ by end 2016; 95% with extra money; 100% by 2020. DCC is exploring other technology in order to reach the really hard and remote locations – and recently carried out a couple of satellite trials. What we do need is customers to sign up for the service – if we reach 30% take up we get more money from BT!


The latest national data confirms that Devon’s schools have improved their results and we are above the national average for all public tests and exams from Early Years through to GCSEs. DCC is stepping up the campaign for fairer funding although grateful for the £16 million extra in the coming financial year. We need to keep pressure on Central Government to have a fairer formula. Currently we receive about £270 less per child than the national average. A group of similar councils (f40) are putting proposals to Government.

“Devon Local”:

is “ .. about a different relationship with communities, working differently with them, joining up activity where practicable, and devolving decision making and funding where this is appropriate and communities have the desire and capacity to take it on. It is recognised that each community will be different and that there is a continuum of activity that could take place in any place, depending on local circumstances.”

This aspect is part of my DCC Portfolio (Performance and Community Engagement) and I have made representation recently at both Devon Districts Forum and Devon Strategic Partnership with the emphasis now clearly in examination of asset disposal/ sharing of asset information and the idea of ‘locality leads’ – both, generally, received very well. There are examples of practice across the County where things are working well and examples will be put out by DCC Communications Team very shortly. Subsequent in depth conversations with both the Police and Fire and Rescue Service show a strong willingness to engage in both aspects above. Members of our Holsworthy Area Board which refers to the MCTI will have an understanding of the above.


Cllr Hughes has made recent reference regarding road salt and whether it was still available in bags. “DCC still has a contract for the 25Kg bags as well as the 1t dumpy bags. They are now from different suppliers but both are available. The smaller bags are more expensive but we are continuing to provide 4t of the smaller bags per winter to those parishes that request them and can show they have been reasonably used.

DCC has not had much demand for parish salt this winter – We can only assume they (the parishes) did not use much last winter. Salt can be ordered through the local Neighbourhood Officer and if your parishes want to purchase any more themselves they can do so through our contract if they wish.”

Finally, a really difficult one …… Public transport review:

I have taken the following extract from the DCC website and ask as many as possible to respond. Holsworthy is as rural as anywhere in the County and representation on this matter is as important as any. Your support will assist me enormously.

“To help meet the £50 million budget reduction required by Government spending cuts next year, we now face making savings of £1.7m from our annual public transport budget. It will be the first time that we have proposed making service reductions for four years.
Most bus services in Devon are run commercially by bus companies at no cost to the Council. However, we spend £5.376m a year to support nearly 200 public bus services, carrying around 4.5m passengers every year. These services would not run without this support.
We also manage the National Bus Pass Scheme for 175,000 pass holders in Devon. This costs us more than £9m every year. Efficiencies have already been achieved across the wider Transport Coordination Service to meet previous savings.

We need your help

We would like to find out what you think about our proposals to reduce services. Please let us know what their impact might be on you.

The proposals would start to come into effect during the second half of 2015.

This consultation closes on Monday 20 April 2015.”

Information/different format or questions about the review can be directed to telephone number 0345 155 1015 or by contacting the email address publictransportreview-mailbox@devon.gov.uk All details regarding the view and how to respond can be found on the web through typing in https://new.devon.gov.uk/publictransportbudget/ ‘

Cllr. Allen returned to Standing Orders.


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 7th January 2015 and Minutes of an Extra-Ordinary Council Meeting held on 20th January, 2015 had been circulated with the Agenda.

Cllr. Watson proposed that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th January 2015 be approved. Cllr. Piper seconded the proposal which was carried. (Vote 7 For. 0 Against. 3 Abstentions).

Cllr. Willetts proposed that the Minutes of the Extra-ordinary Council Meeting held on 20th January 2015 be approved. Cllr. Stanton seconded the Proposal which was carried. (Vote 7 For. 0 Against. 3 Abstentions).


Item 3107 – The TC informed the Meeting that an update had been given to the Parks’ Committee on 21st January and was detailed in Item 534 of that Meeting.

Item 3111 – Cllr. Willetts asked if volunteers had been registered with TTVS and Cllr. Piper confirmed that PCSO Tomkies was handling this.


Cllr. Allen, the Mayor, had nothing to report.


The Finance and Budget Sheets had been circulated prior to the Meeting. The TC asked for any queries on the finance sheet; there being none Cllr. Prentice proposed that the payments be approved. This was seconded by Cllr. Smith and unanimously agreed. (Vote 10 For. 0 Against. 0 Abstentions).

The TC went through the Budget Sheet.


a) F&GP Committee 14th January 2015
b) Market Committee 14th January 2015
c) Highways’ Committee 19th January 2015
d) Parks’ Committee 21st January 2015
e) F&GP Committee 26th January 2015

The Minutes of the Committees had been circulated with the Agenda.

F&GP Committee – 14th January – No queries

Market Committee – Item 548 – The TC confirmed that she has not received a reply, from TDC, to her correspondence.
Item 551 – The ATC confirmed that the organisation had indicated that it was agreeable to the terms of the proposal and would contact the Council nearer the date it requires the tables.

Highways’ Committee – Item 176 – The TC informed the Meeting that Mr. Kearney has confirmed that it is hoped re-surfacing and lining will take place by the end of March and that she had indicated to him that she will keep him informed, when the work is taking place, of any problems that may be reported to her by residents. The work will also encompass the entrance to Well Car Park. The TC will contact Cllr. Parsons to enquire whether DCC has plans to re-surface the section of Well Car Park that is owns. Once she is informed by TDC of the actual dates of the work she will let all Cllrs. know.

Parks’ Committee – Item 530 – Litter Bins – Cllr. Prentice confirmed that one litter bin has been handed to Redrow.

F&GP Committee – 26th January – Item 631 – Redrow – Cllr. Prentice confirmed that TDC has received a cheque from Redrow, £58,255, which will be paid to HTC within the next couple of weeks. He also confirmed that work on the inhospitable planting will be done and that a date for the official opening of the Skateboard Park is awaited and that documentation re. the transfer of assets should be received by HTC shortly. There may be some legal costs that the Council has to incur regarding this. No budget allocation has been made for this at present.


Copies of the draft had been circulated with the Agenda. The TC informed the Meeting, that having received queries from Cllr. Watson, certain amendments will be made to the draft (which she went through) and she asked all Cllrs. to let her know of any queries they may have well before the next Meeting of the Full Council, to enable her to present the final Standing Orders for ratification on 4th March, 2015.


Copies of the proposed event had been circulated with the Agenda.
Cllr. Hutchings informed the Meeting that, after a similar event in 2014, having received positive feedback from the public he would like to organise a similar event. He confirmed that an event can only take place if funding is found. He asked HTC to facilitate such an event.

Cllr. Hutchings left the Chambers at 7.29 p.m.

The TC explained that, if funding is agreed by outside bodies, HTC would be the accountable body for receiving the funding, receiving invoices relating to the event and paying such invoices. She confirmed that should invoices exceed funding then HTC as the accountable body would have a financial obligation to settle such invoices. After discussion, Cllr. Allen proposed that HTC agrees to become the accountable body for a Food, Drink & Music Festival, to be held in Stanhope Park in 2015, subject to written confirmation from the funders of the exact amount of funding, before any expense is incurred by HTC. Cllr. Watson seconded the proposal which was carried. (Vote 9 For. 0 Against. 0 Abstentions).

Cllr. Hutchings returned to the Chambers at 7.35 p.m.


Reports had been circulated to Cllrs. regarding the Tri Council Meeting held on 27th January, notes of a Meeting held by Okehampton Town Council regarding ‘Destination Okehampton’ and Minutes of Meeting of Holsworthy & Rural CATS held on 22nd January, 2015. (Reps.: Tri Meeting Cllrs. Watson & Prentice, Destination Okehampton Cllr. Willetts and CATS Cllr. Piper).

Cllr. Piper gave a short, verbal report on the last meeting of the Holsworthy Area Board Working Group Meeting regarding the Youth Centre. He explained that Members of CATS were giving invaluable assistance, together with the Property Trust, and that it is hoped the Youth Centre will be open in the near future.


Correspondence Received – January 2015

1. TDC – Full Council Mtg Agenda 12 Jan (circulated to Cllrs)
2. TDC – Addendum re. item 2 (circulated to Cllrs.)
3. TDC Planning – Industrial signage to be discussed by Plans Cttee 22nd January (copied to Cllr. Prentice)
4. Bond Oxborough Phillips – cheque re. Penroses
5. TDC – Changes to delivery of nomination papers – election (circulated to Cllrs)
6. TDC – Hls Area Advisory Meeting 19th Jan. (circulated to Cllrs)

The TC brought the highlighted items to the attention of Councillors and gave an explanation where necessary

Correspondence Sent – January 2015

1. Bond Oxborough Phillips – invoice re. refund management fees/expenditure
2. S. Pennington TDC – complaint re. strimming of saplings
3. TDC – completed declaration re. receiving TAP Fund money
4. J. Adams TDC – re. saplings

The TC brought the highlighted items to the attention of Councillors and gave an explanation where necessary.


The TC reported as follows:
DALC has confirmed that new legislation will now allow Agendas of Council Meetings and Committees to be sent electronically to Members, and that this procedure will commence shortly at HTC.
Signage at the Industrial Estate has been progressed by HTC and TDC. Planning permission has been granted and the deadline for returning tenders is 13th February. Funding has been obtained from TDC, District Councillors and some of the business on the Estate. Not all businesses have been prepared to pay the £25 contribution asked for, and the completion of the project does hinge on funding received. A short discussion took place.
Elections take place in May and the TC asked that people are encouraged to stand, with an article being placed in the Spring edition of the Newsletter. Nominations papers will be available from the TC from 5th March.


Cllr. Prentice informed the Meeting that a presentation had taken place, giving £8128 to the North Devon Hospice Long House Appeal from the TAP Fund from 16 rural Councils. He also informed the Meeting that the Torridge Transport Association has gone into liquidation.

Cllr. Willetts informed the Meeting that Devon Care and Repair was in difficulties and might not be able to continue.

3133 | CLOSE

Cllr. Allen formally closed the Meeting at 7.47 p.m.

Signature …………………………………. Date ………………………………….

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