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After many years, Holsworthy Day Centre closed as such in July 2016 but the spirit and ethos very much lives on under the new name and charity number of Holsworthy Day Companions. We had  a long history of providing care to the elderly of Holsworthy and  most of our volunteers / staff did not want to let our members / carers down when the Day Centre shut, so we applied for a new charity number and opened up the new service in the Holsworthy Scout and Guide HQ, next to Holsworthy Leisure Centre. Currently we are all volunteers which we believe is why everyone comments on the good atmosphere. We are all here with a genuine desire to work with the elderly, not because of any wage!   Many people do not seem to understand the route from independent living to residential / nursing care. We see it as starting with  independent living at home; then with some carer support. maybe moving into sheltered accommodation, both scenarios usually  benefiting  from some Day Care as this provides socialisation and stimulation. The next step is maybe some periods of respite (holiday) in a home, which may eventually lead into full time residential care.   We have always seen our role as being to delay the admission into residential / nursing care by providing care and support not only to the elderly still living at home  but equally importantly, to their carers. The importance of the carers cannot be overstated. No matter how much they enjoy their ‘job’, some ‘me’ time for them is vitally important and we provide a service looking after their dependants whilst they have a little bit of a well earned break. Whilst Day Care may not suit everyone, we have found that the socialisation within a group can produce some great results and ‘safety in numbers’ insures that nobody will ever be taken advantage of by the unscrupulous. An independent stand alone Day Care facility like ours also has the advantage over Day Care within a residential / nursing home in that our whole day is geared towards our members as we have no residents to look after and  who are, generally speaking, as still living in the community, a little fitter than those already living in care. According to Social Services, there is no other comparable service to ours in the district but we do need your support as it is a ‘use us or lose us’ service.  As well as our members, we also have a wonderful bunch of loyal volunteers, some of whom came to us for bereavement support. As well as the full service with hot meal, refreshments etc we also do hourly slots, a special 3 day trial offer of £5 a day, and even free afternoons drop in for chitt chatt and games etc.  We invite you to come and visit us at any time, the kettle is always on, and see what we may be able to offer you.  

We are open Tues, wed, Fri from 9.30 to 4.30. 01409 259935 or


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