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Holsworthy Town Council Annual Meeting 2019/2020


The Annual Meeting of Holsworthy Town Council took place last night 15th May 2019, in the Memorial Hall, with dignitaries Mayor of Bideford Cllr. Doug Bushby, Mayor of Barnstaple Cllr. Ian Roome and Mayor of Northam Cllr. Ken Davies.
Holsworthy Town Council officially welcomed Cllr. Joanne Heaven as the new Mayor of the town for 2019/2020, after the previous Mayor Cllr. Jon Hutchings, who held the post for 3 years stepped down. Cllr. Helen Parker was also elected as Deputy Mayor with the Mayor’s Cadet for 2019/2020 being Cpl Timothy Cottier.
Also present were the following who were awarded Holsworthy Town Council Grants for 2019/2020; Holsworthy Cricket Club, Holsworthy Community College, Holsworthy Pre Playgroup School, Friends of Holsworthy Library, Holsworthy Community PTFA, Holsworthy Netball Club, Holsworthy Has Been Walking, Holsworthy Bowling Club, Holsworthy Police, Holsworthy Memorial Hall, Holsworthy Football Club & Holsworthy Scouts.
Holsworthy Past Mayors also attended, and each were presented with a badge; Mrs. B Wonnacott, Mr. B Megson, Mr. A Stewart, Mr. A Jones, Mrs. E Squire, Mrs. P Ede, Mrs. A Luxton, Mr. J Allen, Mr R Brown and Mt J Hutchings.
The Freeman of Holsworthy 2019/2020 cup was presented to Mr. Geoffrey Cusick. Holsworthy Community Champions were awarded with a certificate for their contribution and outstanding help within the community; Lee Casey, Jackie Allen, Rodney Mitchell, Mary Osbourne, Tom Langdon & Martin Gainsbury.

Mayor Cllr. Joanne Heaven 

Deputy Mayor Cllr. Helen Parker 




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